HHUA's mission is to advocate on behalf of the motoring public, to influence public policy and opinion,
to promote highway safety, congestion relief, quality growth and freedom of mobility.

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Court Recording of HonoluluTraffic, et al vs. FTA etal, NO 13-15277 (9th CC 8/15/13)

US Transportation Secretary LaHood Will Not Serve a Second Term (US GOV 1/29/13)

Hawai'i set for years of roadwork in 'huge' $4B highways plan (Hon. Adv. 2/4/09)

Honolulu City Council votes to ban texting while driving (Hon. Adv. 1/29/09)

$4B Hawai'i highways plan would set drivers back $170 a year (Hon. Adv. 1/23/09)

12% of Hawaii drivers uninsured, and numbers likely to rise (Hon. Adv. 1/23/09)

3 H-1 projects would reduce congestion, commute times (Hon. Adv. 1/13/09)

Hawai'i residents cut back on driving, used 8% less gas in 2008 (Hon. Adv. 1/8/09)

Federal Commission urges 50% hike in gas, diesel taxes (AP 1/5/09)

Mileage tax considered in Oregon (NewsOK 1/3/09)

Gas prices nosedive 10th straight week (Hon. Adv. 12/6/08)

Build Downtown-Pearl City rail link first, Hawaii official urges (Hon. Adv. 12/5/08)

Geography played key role in Hawaii rail YES vote (Hon. Adv. 11/10/08)
...Proximity to proposed route led to greatest levels of support

Hawaii rail transit cost now at least $4.28B (Hon. Adv. 11/3/08)
...according to city's draft EIS only released yesterday, vote tomorrow

Less traffic in Honolulu and across the nation (Hon. Adv. 10/23/08)
Yet, Honolulu, Hawai'i remains worst in U.S.

Mayoral candidate Kobayashi proposes elevated EzWay highway for O'ahu (Hon. Adv. 10/15/08)
Plan calls for new roads, 15-mile elevated guideway with 3 lanes

Kobayashi turns against train transit plan for Honolulu (Hon. Adv. 10/1/08)
Accepts endorsement of UH engineering professor Panos Prevedouros

Stop Rail Now petition rejected by city, Hawaii Supreme Court (Hon. Adv. 9/4/08)
Voters will still get a voice on the matter via a separate city charter amendment question

Most in Honolulu say they won't use rail regularly, poll shows (Hon. Adv. 7/28/08)

76% of O'ahu voters want rail on ballot (Hon. Adv. 7/27/08)

When Pedestrians Die (Hon. Adv. 4/18/08)
A special report on pedestrian highway fatalities

Rail line will alter city's landscape (Hon. Adv. 4/20/08)
Concerns on blocking views, diminishing the visual beauty of Honolulu

Transit timetable a risk (Hon. Adv. 3/2/08)
Mayor wants construction to start before federal money is approved

Toll roads can be a cost-effective solution (12/3/07)
Commentary by Rep. Cabanilla-Arakawa

HonoluluTraffic.com accuses Honolulu government officials of deceiving public
about proposed rail transit system (9/26/07)

It has posted a video on their web site documenting mistruths by
a Honolulu city councilman and transit project manager,
made earlier this month on a one-hour PBS-Hawaii Island Insight television show.

HHUA Urges Reform Of Funding, Planning, Design And Development Of Large Projects (8/23/07)

Honolulu transit plan approaches fast track (Hon. Adv.8/12/07)

Hawaii transit hits another barrier (Hon. Adv.8/3/07)


Transit system segment approved (Hon. Adv. (5/5/07)

HOT lanes can't be ignored in transit plan (Hon. Adv. (5/3/07)


Panels and Presentations:
(Future - Current - Past)

July 8, 2008
Conclusion of the UH Congestion Study effort
(Executive Summary Attached)

June 18, 2008
Highway Needs, Climate Change, and Planned Growth: The Road Forward
Gregory M. Cohen, P.E., AHU

May 16-18, 2008
Preserving the American Dream
Omni Houston Hotel

Land Use Without Zoning

November 10-12, 2007
Preserving the American Dream

Recovering from Smart Growth

 The Anti-car Movement in Britain

 Impact of Smart Growth on Housing Affordability

Commuting in America III
The Third National Report on Commuting Patterns and Trends
Panos D. Prevedouros, PhD

 A Summary for Hawai'i's People and Decision Makers

The Congestion Crisis, November '06

Why Mobility Matters, Ted Balaker
Property Tax Abatements for Transit, John Charles

 Charles on TOD Tax Abatements

Facing Up to the Mobility Crisis, Ted Balaker

 Balaker on The Mobility Crisis

A Citizen's Guide to "Smart" Growth, John Charles

 Charles Guide to Smart Growth

Strategies to reduce Hawai'i's traffic congestion (10/23/06)
Powerpoint Presentations (PDF)

Keynote Speech: Poole's Addressing Honolulu's Mobility Crisis

Stone's Solutions for Urban Traffic Congestion,

O'Toole's Overview of Portland's problems

Prevedouros' Traffic Operations — Solutions to Traffic Congestion

Poole's HOT Lanes: Congestion Relief and Better Transit,

HHUA sponsors transit panel "Transportation Options for Cities" (6/20/06)


"Meeting the Mobility Needs of Low-Income Families" E. Blumenberg, UCLA 6/20/06

"Political Cost & Economic Benefits of Public Investment in Transportation" B. Taylor, UCLA 6/20/06

HHUA sponsors expert panel "Transportation Alternatives for O'ahu" 4/17/06

Postings here

Hawai'i DOT Presentation "Transportation Ideas for Today and Tomorrow" 10/26/05

 Hawaii Harbors Modernization plan

 Report on Port Facilities & Development Priorities
Hawaii Harbors Users Group (HHUG 3/31/2008)

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In the News:
(Recent to Past)

Number of hours Americans waste each year sitting in traffic: 4.2 billion
Estimated cost to the U.S. economy: $78 billion
           - Jack MacIntyre, Honolulu Advertiser

U.S. Highway Trust Fund essentially Broke according to DOT
(ABC News 9/5/08)

Hawai'i highways among worst in U.S.
(Hon. Adv. 7/31/08)

'Hypocritical' attacks intensify rivalry
(Hon. Adv. 6/29/08)

Drivers ditch cars to board TheBus
(Hon. Adv. 6/7/08)

New transit authority proposed to run rail, buses
(Hon. Adv. 6/5/08)

29 thousand more signatures needed for Stop the Rail petition
(Hon. Adv. 05/28/08)

HNL airport may be added to rail transit line
(Hon. Adv. 05/24/08)

Anti-rail petition drive will show if message resonates with majority
(Hon.Adv., 5/5/08)

City Must Tell Truth About Rail, Roadwork
Lawson Teshima (Letter to Ed., Hon.Adv., 4/21/08)

Foes of Hawaii rail push for public vote
(Honolulu Adv., 4/21/08)

KGMB9 is partnering with the Hawaii Institute of Public Affairs
(KGMB9, 4/21/08)

ATVs now bound to rules of the road
(Honolulu Adv., 4/8/08)

Rail could cost O'ahu more
(Honolulu Adv., 3/24/08)

City seeks 35% more for road repairs
(Honolulu Adv., 3/17/08)

Honolulu roads rated 2nd-worst in nation
(Honolulu Adv., 3/13/08)

Steel rail transit costs less, but it's noisier
(Honolulu Adv., 3/11/08)

Steel rail option chosen for Honolulu transit
(Honolulu Adv., 2/23/08)

Cutting parking to push transit?
(Honolulu Adv., 2/20/08)

Taxes for Honolulu transit at $148M so far
(Honolulu Adv. 1/31/08)

Hawai'i transit bids in
(Honolulu Adv. 1/30/08)

Feedback sought on H-3 mitigation plan
(Honolulu Adv. 1/22/08)

Carlyle Group eyeing U.S. infrastructure

Blame cell phone for worsening gridlock
(Honolulu Adv. 1/3/08)

Hawai'i gas up 5¢ to 10¢ without price cap
(Honolulu Adv.12/27/07)

President Bush delivers remarks on Transportation and Highway Funding
Fredericksburg, VA

Power Line Falls In Busy Transit Area
Inspection schedule of 15,000 poles a year may need upgrade
(Honolulu Adv. 12/16/07)

H1 Interchange work to detour O'ahu freeway (Honolulu Adv. 12/16/07)

Hawai'i spending $2M on pedestrian safety (Honolulu Adv. 12/4/07)

Honolulu mayor calls for creation of a new panel of experts to decide on future transit (Honolulu Adv. 11/14/07)

Think Traffic's Bad Now? (Lee Cataluna, Honolulu Adv. 11/13/07)

Isles bridges, overpasses gain added protection (Honolulu Adv. 11/12/07)
Critical highway structures get retrofits...

Hawai'i hosts transit symposium Nov. 13 (11/5/07)

More parking added for Honolulu airport (Honolulu Adv. 11/3/07)

Construction of Big Island's Kona highway to resume (Honolulu Adv.10/2/07)

Ethanol use is not a wise energy policy (Letters to the Editor -- Honolulu Adv. 6/11/07)

Mass-transit plan still balanced on a wobbly political rail (Hon. Adv. Ed (2/25/07)

Residents divided on route for transit (Hon. Adv. (2/23/07)

Council alters portion of mass transit route (Hon. Adv. 2/22/07)

Kapolei-to-Honolulu toll road considered.(Honolulu Adv. 1/30/07)

O'ahu transit-route pick sparks new debate (Honolulu Adv. 12/16/06)

Washington Metro riders may reach for car keys (Washington Post 12/15/06)

Washington Metro fares go up (Washington Post 12/14/06)

Motorists favor tolls, AAA says (12/6/06)

Mayor takes the Hot Seat on transit (11/26/06)

Tampa toll way deserves attention here (11/16/06)

European Cities Do Away with Traffic Signs (11/12/06)

Portland Rail riders decline by 33% (Nov 4, 2006)

Catastrophic Evacuation Plan Needed (10/16/06) For O'ahu
HHUA calls for improvements

Cheapest rail option is $3.6 Billion (Hon. Adv. 10/31/06)

Other cities have shown rail does not work (Slater - Hon. Adv. 10/9/06)

Lanes not Trains (Rolf - Star Bulletin 10/01/06)

Nothing Concrete to Improve Hawaii's Roads and Highways (Berg - Hawaii Reporter 9/27/06)

California's massive transportation bond won't fix traffic jams (Desert Sun 9/10/06)

Bus system will serve city better than Rail (R. Sullivan, Honolulu Adv. 8/25/06)

Land-use on proposed rail transit route a concern. (Honolulu Adv. 8/23/06)

Conquering Traffic Congestion in the Capital City
More effective Solutions than Light Rail (C. Goff, John Locke Foundation 8/15/06)

Hawai'i to receive $11.5 million to repair roads (Hon. Adv. 7/31/06)

Transportation and Family Economic Success (Isabel V. Sawhill, Brookings Institute)

Why rail? (Emory Bundy, Open Spaces)

Commuters balance fear with necessity (NBC News 7/12/06)

The Interstate Highway System: a critique (O'Toole, Thoreau Institute 7/5/06)

Transit's Misleading Public Relations Campaign (Public Purpose, June 2006)

The Mobility Mission (Reason Foundation 6/29/06)

Onset of transit tax not yet fixed (Star Bulletin 6/26/06)

State-City spat about transit tax (Star Bulletin Editorial 6/24/06)

Mayor Hannemann signs record budget - better roads on the way (Hon. Adv. 6/24/06)

Rail transit system cost estimate: $3 billion (Hon. Adv. 6/23/06)

Rail line renderings ring alarm bells (Star Bulletin 6/23/06)

Panel Considers Transit Options for O'ahu (Hawaii Reporter, 6/21/06)

H-1 traffic changing overnight (Hon. Adv. 6/13/06)

Rail Tax Burden as prepared by HonoluluTraffic.com 5/25/06

The latest info from Honolulu Transit (HonoluluTransit.org)

Rail costs per capita, Honolulu vs. other cities

Why Light Rail is Wrong... (Reason.org 1/16/2005)

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